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Here at Dog Smart we have made the commitment to train animals without the use of force or aversive treatment. We have a duty of care to protect the welfare of animals.

We promise not to use any aversive tools in training and make a promise to our clients to educate them with the latest methods available to us, we are committed to ongoing continued professional develop in the field of training and behaviour and constantly continue our educations so we can provide the best service possible.

We try to educate our clients about their dogs as individuals in an aim to promote their relationships and bonds so that they can work together as a team with mutual goals and understanding

We are versed and practice positive reinforcement training methods and understand that animals are emotional beings with emotional needs

We teach clients to solve problems and provide alternatives rather than suppressing behaviour with the use of aversive training methods

We can be held accountable by the industry organisations we have committed to and are open to scrutany by them at any time