Train Smart, bond tight, have fun.

Dog Smart Training and Behaviour is owned and run by husband and wife team Oliver and Becs. 

Having both grown up with dogs being a huge part of their life, they soon realised after they first met, dogs were a huge common interest (some may argue their only common interest!) and have played a massive part in their relationship since.

Both agreeing that dogs have moulded who they are. 

With each dog they have shared their lives with teaching them something new and moulding the trainers they are today and will be in the future.

Becs Oliver and their dogs

Our Story

Dog Smart was created to help pet owners gain access to a different education about their dogs to the more traditional village hall training class approach.

We started the business in 2018 while both still employed in full time jobs, since then Oliver has made the transition to full time work with Dog Smart and Rebecca runs Agility sessions while continuing to working in the veterinary profession.

It is our belief to get the most out of your relationship with each and every dog, you must understand them, how they may think, how they may perceive the world around them and work with them, they deserve an individual approach much like our own children do, because after all they are individuals.


In our outdoor training venue we can work on a one to one basis within the security of our training fields, we employ the use of our own dogs, who help provide distraction, socialisation and stooges for reactivity cases.

We are committed to training animals without the use of fear and intimidation, using modern scientific principles.

Meet The Team

What Our Clients Say

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