Dog Smart Canine Citizen Science Project

Welcome to the home of our citizen science project, here you will find the enrollement form and links to questions that we will pose during the lifetime of the project. You can come and join our  facebook community as well and tell us all about life with your dog, thank you for taking part.

This Page is best use in a full browser not a mobile device


With this project we hope to build a data base of dogs so that they are available for questioning.

We want to explore dog behaviour in the life of dogs in the domestic home.

Over time we shall release new questions in easy groups of three so they do not take up much of your time and you can achieve them while you have a spare moment.

The project is currently in it infancy, we are at the stage of recruiting as many registrations as possible

Below you will see a live chart of the breeds that have currently registered, this is a good example of how the live data will be published here on this page for anyone to see and learn from.

As the project grows this page will grow with it, so follow come and join the facebook group to stay updated.

If you are an industry professional and are interested in the project please email use and get in touch.

So your interested in getting involved, awesome, welcome aboard team Dog Smart!

The first step is to get your dogs registered. 

We do collect emails but be sure we will never share them or use them for anything else other than this project.

The registration form is below or you can launch it in this link

Have you got a budding question you want to ask about dogs, if you have you should let us know, maybe we can ask it for you. If so you can find a form to register your questiong here or find the form below


To be continued...